Please read and understand the following terms for working with Waldeinsamkvlt. These are not exhaustive and some are subject to change once a final arrangement and contract is agreed upon.


There are a number of factors that will influence the price for a commission. Some of these have to do with the commission itself (size, preferred medium, the level of detail, use of colour, etc.) as well as what it’s used for. A design to be used and then sold on shirts will cost more than a design for personal enjoyment.

Once a design, fee, and timeline are agreed upon, both parties will sign a contract and work will begin on the very rough, preliminary sketches. Once a sketch is approved, 1/2 the payment is due before work on the final product will begin. Upon completion of the final product, ownership of the image will only be transferred once the final 1/2 of the payment is received.

Once the prelimary sketch(es) is approved and the final artwork is underway, there will no longer be a chance to make any major changes to the piece without potentially incurring additional fees.


I accept PayPal as well as Interac e-transfers from Canadian clients. Cash payments are also acceptable in person. All prices listed and/or discussed are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise specified. Personal cheques and cryptocurrency not accepted. Trades and bartering may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


You may not alter or re-use my artwork for any other project without my approval. If you wish to purchase prints or commission a piece for a reason beyond personal enjoyment, please discuss this with me first. If you wish to alter a piece, just shoot me a message. 

I am no longer accepting commissions for clothing brands or commissions to be sold by individuals for personal profit; band merchandise and similar requests, however, are okay. I also will not work with anyone using drop-shipping or similar production methods; if you can’t personally view the final product before it’s sold/shipped, I’m not interested.


I may post progress shots of commissions on social media unless I’m specifically asked not to. If I do post an update with your commission, I won’t include information about the piece or significant parts of the image without prior consent. If you post any of my art on social media, please ensure that you tag either my personal Facebook page, Instagram account, or link to my website.


I’m always flattered to hear someone asking about having my art tattooed. If you decide you’d like to do this, please consult me if you’d like to use one of my existing pieces and at least buy a print to support my art. If you’re hoping the tattoo artist can alter one of my original works, please commission me to do it for you (I’m sure we can find a way to do this within your budget). If you have my work tattooed, please ensure that both you and the tattoo artist credit me as the original artist.


If you’ve commissioned art to be used on an item like a shirt, magazine, or cassette, I would love to have a copy for myself as well. Please ensure that I am credited appropriately, provided it does not interfere with the design. For example: it would be out-of-place on a shirt, but reasonable in a magazine or cassette tape.

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